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How To Turn Your Top Knot Headband Into A Big Bow Knot Headband!

July 10, 2018

We are often asked....'How can I turn my top knot into a big bow knot headband?' Well, the answer is simple! It's the same Cheeky Little Fox Top Knot Headband product, just tied 2 different ways! 

<<<Top Knot >>>

The Top Knot is tied so that the ends, or 'ears' of the knot are exposed - just like the Mustard Monochrome Top Knot Headband below! If you like this style, then we recommend that you select the correct size for age, as outlined in our Size Guide and in our product descriptions. For more information on this tying style, check out our 'How to tie a top knot headband' blog post.


<<< Bow Knot Tying Style >>>

The Big Bow Knot look can be achieved when you tuck the Top Knot ends or 'ears' under and into the knot, so that a bow is formed. This look can be useful if you have a teen, tiny newborn who hasn't quite grown into her small size top knot headband as yet. Or, perhaps you just love the big bow this case we recommend that you order a larger size top knot to make achieving this look easier for longer! So, select the Medium size if you still want the skinnier headband or if you love the chunky headband look choose the Large size, which is not only longer than the Medium size, it is wider as well (approx 3cm wider than small and medium size).


The image below features our Medium size Top Knot Headband in Navy, Blush and Mint Splash tied as a Big Bow Knot.


This Summer Floral Top Knot Headband is a Large size, giving a chunkier, thicker look, due to the wider headband, tied as a Big Bow Knot.


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