Nursery Décor That You’ll Love For Years – Our Top 3 Products

Decorating a nursery can be daunting and downright expensive! How many times have you wanted to buy that something special and looked at the price tag and thought “Holy wow!”

I’ve done the same.  Many, many times! 

I’m Anna and I’m the owner of Sweet Little Dreams.  We are an online nursery décor store stocking all the latest pieces for your children’s bedroom.  We also have beautiful toys and essential baby items.

One thing that I noticed with my customers is that they are prepared to spend a little bit more on a special item that will be the standout piece for the nursery.  I’m about to show you how you can do this….

Item #1 - Canopies

If I were to give you one item that would stand out and be the hero of your nursery, without a doubt it would be our Numero 74 Canopies.  These stunning pieces of décor are truly breathtaking.  Let me give you a little background on this beautiful brand:

Numero 74 items are all handmade in Thailand. These pieces are handmade in an ethical environment where children laugh and play in the background. The two ladies behind the brand are from Italy and France which are where the pieces are designed. They are passionate about providing accessories that are high quality all the while supporting the master makers.  The colours are exquisite and the beautiful organic cotton fabric is so lush and soft you will fall in love with it straight away!

Sweet Blue Canopy - Sweet Little Dreams

Not only do these drape beautifully over a nursery, they are floor length and are divine! But the possibilities of these canopies are endless.  Once your baby is out of a cot, you can reuse these canopies and create a reading corner in their big girl or boy room! How good is that?  One thing I can vouch for is my daughter has had her canopy for 3 years and is still in love with it! I just need to find the time to create her reading corner.

Item #2 – Wall Prints

Ok so we talked about our more pricey product.  The one that will stand out. And now we’re down to more budget type items that will still look amazing!

I’m talking about wall prints.

Wall prints can add so much love and character to a nursery.  The good thing is you can purchase gorgeous prints and pop over to Kmart and pick up a frame for $5.00! How good is that?  With so many gorgeous prints around you can be spoilt for choice.  Our range of prints create a whimsical feel to a nursery that can be paired together or on their own.  Or if you have boy and girl twins, our Sailah Lane prints can be matched for both babies!

Our suggestion is go either 2 big prints such as an A3 size side by side on a wall or they even look fantastic sitting on a dresser.  Why not get creative and pair an A3 with a couple of A4 prints?

Tillie Styled Print - Sweet Little Dreams

Item #3 - Cushions

Our last suggestion is cushions.  I mean who doesn’t love a cushion or 3 on a bed? I’m a sucker for cushions, especially cute cushions.

Now cushions can be expensive but I’m about to show you how these can be used time and time again.

Our most popular cushions are our Nana Huchy range. They beautiful love hearts for girls and stars for boys are great if you’re looking to have them as décor pieces on a bed.  But don’t stop there! How about adding them to a chair or a beautiful cosy reading corner?

We’ve seen a lot of our customers and stylists create these gorgeous reading corners where cushions are used to give that cosy feel.  Our heart cushions are big enough to fill that space very quickly!

Grab a few, scatter them around, add a cosy shaggy rug and there you have a special little haven for your little boy or girl.  They might even take a nap in there!

 Olivia Styled - Sweet Little Dreams

There are so many other options that you can use to create that dreamy space.  Whether it be a beautiful garland to drape over the canopy or fairy lights, soft toys that sit delicately on a bed that also make gorgeous cuddle toys or cosy blankets to keep your baby warm at night.  There are so many ways to create that cosy room that will be loved for years.

And with Afterpay as an option, it does make life a wee bit easier.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article.  I’m always here to offer help and suggestions on what is suitable for you and your budget.

Until next time…

Anna xx

Sweet Little Dreams




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